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X Mod Installer aka XMI is an advance tool to install GTA 4/SA mods, it provides a high-level security to your mod files and very safe installation. As well as it supports mod security option if its selected the mod will only install in GTA 4/SA directory. Moreover, XMI supports vary range of operations, from Files, Text to all IMG operations. XMI automatically creates a backup installer before installing the mod and that can be use to uninstall the mod. Plus it can start a list of programs after and before the installation.

And while it create backup installer, it validates all operations. E.g. Whether IMG contains replacing, deleting files or not, if not it shows error. Whether adding files in IMG already exists or not, if yes it shows error, etc... That validation keeps our game secure from being destroyed.

The first view of XMI, shows mod's details, banners and poster(if any, that appears direct on desktop). The next page contains mod's screenshots in a very well mannered.

And if we talk about styling, then XMI support skins too. Either you create your own skin by Skin Editor or download ready-made skins. The skins are completely advance and support alpha transparency. Another great feature was added in XMI that was 'Check for Updates' of mod, if the creator of mod added details about it, then XMI checks for update. Informs user if found.

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X Mod Packer is a developer tool, anyone who wishes to create a mod installer will have to use it. Similar to XMI, it is also very advance and full of brilliant features. While creating mod installer you can see its live preview. You can change skin anytime without restarting the program. You can change sequence of operations' installation and much more. You can add you own banners and poster to customize the installer.

When you have done creating mod installer, you can either save it in xmp format that can be use anytime later to build the mod installer or build it or both that is much better. In build process, it creates a fresh copy of XMI with the current skin of XMP.

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